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Our lower school is comprised of our Cherub, Pre-ballet, and Intro Ballet levels. These are the building blocks for our youngest students. Each level is designed to build on the next. The curriculum, designed specifically by Lori Ladwig, has been used for over 30 years. These lower levels are vital to our youngest students to learn coordination, musicality, and listening to authority.

A creative movement class designed just for three year olds. Children will clap, sing, and move to music. This class is designed to improve body awareness, confidence, coordination skills, muscle toning and flexibility.

This class provides children, ages 4-5, to be taught dance movement in a fun and imaginative way. The dance concepts taught in this class will include balancing, movement of feet, jumping, simple arm movements, stretching and traveling across the floor. All movement will be taught in a nurturing and positive learning environment that will establish knowledge, understanding and a love of dance.

Intro Ballet
This class, ages 6-7, is a transition class between pre-ballet and the study of classical ballet technique. Intro Ballet takes dance concepts taught in previous classes and begins to put them into an actual ballet class. Barre work, correct posture, flexibility, coordination, balance, muscle strength, simple center floor and across the floor steps are introduced.



Our middle school is comprised of Ballet I, II, and III as well as our Prep 1-3 levels. At this level, students are able to take classes in contemporary, jazz and tap.

Ballet I, II, III
Ballet is the building block of all dance forms; jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, etc. It teaches discipline, grace, flexibility, proper posture and muscle toning. This class will include barre work, center combinations and across the floor exercises. Ballet I, II, and III builds off of each other using the Vaganova curriculum as well as the ABT National Training Curriculum.

Prep 1-3
Our Prep, or preparatory levels, are designed for our young, talented students to prepare them for our pre-professional programs in their middle school and high school years. These classes begin our Vaganova and ABT national training curriculum and are at an accelerated pace compared to our Ballet I, II, and III classes. Each level has a minimum number of hours and classes that are required.
Prep 1: Two 1 hour ballet classes per week and 1 elective course such as jazz or tap.
Prep 2: Two 1 ½ hour ballet classes per week and modern/contemporary.
Prep 3: Three ballet classes per week(pre-pointe included), 1 modern/contemporary course, and 1 elective such as tap or jazz.

The Prep classes are by invitation only. Enrollment for our Prep classes is by full-term only, or two full semesters (36 weeks of classes). To allow for maximum student benefit, families are asked to commit to the entire class term at registration. As a result of attending classes consistently throughout the year, students have the opportunity to learn, review and repeat concepts taught in classes in a manner that promotes long term retention and the best possible return on your investment! At the end of the school year, there will be a written evaluation from the teacher and a recommendation for level placement for the following year.



Our upper school program includes Ballet IV, V, VI; these are our intermediate and advanced levels. In Ballet IV, students begin to take pointe, the art of dancing on their toes. At this level, as in the Middle School, students are able to take additional classes in contemporary, jazz, and modern.

Students must be taking a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week to be allowed to dance en pointe. In these levels, students begin to knit all the movements and ballet steps that they have learned, striving to fill it with personal artistry and the effortless quality that makes a true ballet dancer.