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Dance SADCTuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

– Tuition is calculated by student or family.
– Male dancers receive 50% discount on tuition hours.
– Tuition is due on the day of your first class of every month.
– Siblings of students enrolled in The Perla School receive 50% discount.


Hours per weekFee per month
30 minutes$45
1 hour$60
1 1/2 hours$75
2 hours$90
2 1/2 hours$105
3 hours$120
3 1/2 hours$135
4 hours$150
4 1/2 hours$165
5 hours$180
5 1/2 hours$195
6 hours$210
6 1/2 hours$225
7 hours/Unlimited$240


One-Time Fees
Registration Fee$30 per student or $50 per family
Spring Production Fee$25 per student (in January)
Fall/Winter Production Fee$50 per student (due September 1st)
Costume Fee$70 per costume ($95 if enrolling after February 1st)
First costume due October 1st
Second costume due November 1st
Costume(s) balance due December 1st
Preparatory Company$75 per student in the Preparatory Company
Jr. Company Member Fee$125 per student in Jr. Company (due September 1st)
Sr. Company Member Fee$175 per student in Sr. Company (due September 1st)

– Unlimited status can be reached only by individual students.
For family rates, please call the SADC office at 904-797-6469.

Referral Reward
Receive $25 credit toward your tuition or fees when someone brings in the Referral Card or mentions with your name!