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Class Schedule

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> If you are not sure if their age range is right for them, click “Registration Assistance” and we can work with you to determine the right spot for them!
> While many of our classes as well as Ballet 1-3 is Open to Register online, Ballet 4 and up and Level B and up should click “Registration Assistance” so we can make sure you are registering for the right classes
> If you do not see a class that you are interested in, let us know! We just may have it coming up after all! Click CONTACT US

Class Descriptions

A, B and C Classes – For many of our classes other than Ballet, you will see levels A, B and C. Level A is an intermediate level due to the age range that it begins and progresses to level C.

Cherub – This is a creative movement class catered to our youngest students, generally ages 3-4. Imagination and fun are the foundation of this class. Students will also work on gross motor skills, mimicking the teacher, ear training, music and rhythm, coordination, body control, and foundational concepts and vocabulary for future dance classes.

– Geared toward ages 4-5. With lots of fun and energy throughout, this class builds on the creative movement learned in Cherub with additional concepts, vocabulary and exercises. It is also a great place for new students to begin their first dance experience.

– This class introduces exercises at the ballet barre, beginning to place more focus on body control and positions. Students continue to use their imagination to learn new skills and concepts. It is geared toward ages 6-7 and continues to also be a great class for students who are getting their start in dance.

– Ballet is a historic art form dating as far back at the 16th century, having been developed and passed on through generations. Each teacher can name a genealogy of instructors and mentors who passed on the technique and artistic inspiration. We begin with Ballet 1, generally ages 7-8, and slowly develop the musculature, physical and mental strength, and flexibility to progress through Ballet 8. By this time, we work to prepare dancers for the rigorous demands of training, choreography retention, as well as, rehearsal and performance schedules.

Pointe – Ballet dancing that is performed on the tip of the toes. We observe dancers on an individual basis as they enter Pointe to ensure proper muscle and structural development for safety. We then teach a progressive process to bring the student into the higher levels and demands of Pointe work.

Jazz – Jazz dance is a style that progressed out of the 20th century African American culture and now includes an array of Jazz styles. Our teachers offer a blend of styles.

Contemporary – Contemporary is a form of dance that by name is always changing, as it is always something recent in the industry. It tends to be more loose and open to individual expression and it requires a strong foundation in ballet.

Tap – Tap is dance that is rhythm-centric and comes in several forms such as broadway and hoofing. Our teachers offer a mix depending on the age and level.

Musical Theatre – This class brings all of our favorite show-tunes and musicals into the classroom for students to learn and enjoy. There is an emphasis on facial expression and emotive movements in the class.

Hip Hop Flip Flop – This combo class brings hip hop dancing and acrobatics together for a fun and physical experience for students.

Acro – Our Acro classes focus on strengthening for acrobatics that relate to stage performance such as aerials and tumbling.

Your Suggestions

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2023-2024 Uniform Schedule

Find and order your uniform from, see the class codes in the Uniform Page
Just look up St. Augustine Dance Conservatory by zip code: 32086


Questions? Contact us at, 904-797-6469 or click CONTACT US
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Lower School

2 – 3 year olds

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Cherub is designed to be taken once per week.

4 – 5 year olds

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Pre-Ballet is designed to be taken once per week.

6 – 7 year olds

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Intro-Ballet is designed to be taken once per week.

*NEW* Little Ninjas & Ninja Fit

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Currently available for ages 5-7 & 8-12 but we are interested in opening more for more ages so let us know if you have a student outside of this age range! This is an obstacle-based class where students will experience functional movement exercises that develop all-round strength, stability and coordination. There is plenty to push, pull, climb on and crawl under!

Middle School

7 – 10 year olds

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Ballet 1-3 can be taken once or more per week.
Ballet 4 is to be taken twice per week and will introduce Pre-Pointe. If once is desired for recreational purposes, contact us and we will help place you.

9 – 12 year olds

* CLICK for Enrollment Assistance *
Ballet 5 is to be taken three times per week and will include Pointe. If once per week is desired, please consider Teen Ballet and reach out for assistance with placement. The Perla Ballet requires all Ballet Technique as well as their corresponding Jazz class

Upper School

Teen Classes, 9-12 & 13+

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Our Teen Ballet and Teen Hip Hop is for all of the dancers who would like a once per week commitment. Their classes include our studio-wide biannual performances.

13 years +

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Ballet 6 and 7/8 is to be taken three times per week and will include Pointe. If once per week is desired, please consider Teen Ballet and reach out for assistance with placement. The Perla Ballet requires all Ballet Technique as well as their corresponding Jazz class

Day Training Track, 13 years +

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Designed for students in Ballet 6 and 7/8 to receive their training commitment during the day.

Pre-Pro Division Classes

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Designed to add a day of classes that rotate with rotating teachers to challenge the students to be progressing at their highest pace.
CLICK HERE for Pre-Professional Division Details

Interested in The Perla Ballet’s Junior or Senior Company?

> Acceptance is by audition only and space is limited.
> Email with your questions!

2023-2024 Important Studio Dates