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General Studio Info

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Studio Calendar

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Parent Portal 

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Enrollment Change Form

With so many families and students, we want to make sure each one of them is in the best class possible. Please use this form when you want to change classes or the status of your enrollment so that our Directors and Teachers can keep track of over 150 students.


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Dance Class Photos

We have an amazing photographer who specializes in dance photography coming to take pictures on Saturday May 19, Monday May 21 and Tuesday May 22. See the attached schedule for your child’s scheduled time and location as well as an order form. Thank you!

For the Order Form

For a PDF of the Photo Schedule

Saturday, May 19 at the dance studio
10:00am     Saturday Cherub
10:30am     Intro Jazz/Tap
11:00am     Saturday Pre Ballet
11:15am     Saturday Intro Ballet
11:30am     Junior Company
12:00pm     Friday Intro Ballet
12:30pm     Jr. Company Musical Theater
1:00pm       Beginner Jazz Funk
1:30pm      Thursday Cherub
2:00pm      Wednesday Pre Ballet

Monday, May 21 at the dance studio
3:30pm      Monday/Wednesday Prep 1 Ballet
4:00pm      Monday Pre Ballet
4:30pm      Prep 1 Contemporary
5:00pm      Wednesday Intro Ballet
5:30pm      Wednesday Musical Theater
6:00pm      Wednesday Low Intermediate Ballet
6:30pm      Jr. Apprentice 2 (Mon, Wed, Thurs)
7:00pm      Sr. Company (Falling in Wonder)

Tuesday, May  22 at Flagler Auditorium during rehearsal
3:30pm      Intermediate Jazz-Funk
4:00pm      Prep 2
4:30pm      Wednesday Intermediate Tap
5:00pm      Prep 2 Musical Theater
5:30pm       Jr. Apprentice 1
6:00pm      Sr. Company, Mermaid Princess & Grease

Jr. and Sr. Company

No Master Classes Coming Up

Company Rehearsal Schedule

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For the Sr. Rehearsal Schedule, click below.


Company Documents